Reiki, pronounced ray-key, literally means universal life force energy. It is an energy medicine practice that originated in Japan. Reiki practitioners channel this energy, which is believed to be a life force energy, to heal physical/mental ailments.

Energy medicines deal with two types of energy fields
Veritable – that can be measured, hence verifiable (electromagnetic fields)
Putative – that can not be measured with traditional measuring tools, hence unverifiable (biofields, auras). Reiki belongs to this category.

Therapies using putative energy fields are based on the concept that a ‘subtle energy’ permeates human beings. This energy is known under different names in different cultures.

Available literature on this subject suggests that illness or diseases occur when the flow of KI (as this subtle energy is commonly known) is interrupted or blocked.

Therapies involving putative energies are controversial as there is no quantifiable evidence in support of such therapies.

Some researchers have claimed to have detected changes in receivers before and after treatments, but, these claims have not been validated by reproducible methods. This is the reason that these therapies are not yet accepted into mainstream health care system.

Reiki is primarily delivered through hands. It is supposed to raise ki (life force energy) in the receivers body.

Usually 12 to 15 different points are covered in a reiki session. Hands are positioned with palms down over these points to transmit healing energy.

Traditional reiki training follows the famous Guru – Shisya (master – disciple) Parampara (tradition). You can learn reiki from a reiki master who in turn learned it from his/her own reiki master. This way your chain of teachers must be traced back to the orginator – Dr. Mikao Usui. This chain is called ‘reiki lineage’.

Reiki is not ‘taught’ in the strict sense of the word. Rather, the ability to transmit reiki is transferred from teacher to student through a series of initiations or degrees.

There are three such degrees.

Reiki first degree usually takes two to three days and two initiations by a reiki master. These two initiations enable the student to transmit healing energy.

The second reiki degree enables students to do distant healing, a process where one can send healing energies to any object anywhere without being physically present on that location.

The third degree imparts an ability to initiate other people to reiki. Students become masters after this level.

While reiki has not yet been accepted to mainstream health treatment system, it has become a popular alternative healing practice, thanks to the efforts of its devoted practitioners and followers over the years.

Drink Lots of Water after Taking Reiki Attunements

Have you taken reiki attunements recently?

Reiki attunements makes your body a conduit for passing powerful energy.

Each reiki session, whether for self healing or for healing others, generates a lot of heat energy. As you continue passing reiki without taking sufficient water day in and day out, slowly your body begins to dry up and toxins begin to accumulate. Left unattended, the accumulated toxin can lead to other physical problems like sinusitis, migraine and in some cases anxiety strokes.

To counter this, you must restore the water balance in your body by drinking water frequently, during and after a session. Physicians advice at least 2 litres of water (and more if possible) for adults. If you are a reiki person, the intake of water should be increased at least by 2/3rd of your daily amount.

Remember, as a healer it is your prime duty to attend to your body first.

Manifesting with Reiki Meditation

This follows from reiki power meditation where you learn to charge yourself with creative and healing energies of reiki.

Step 1: Visualize your goal as vividly as possible. Create a picture of your goal as already having accomplished. Surround the image with the four reiki symbols.

Do not worry if your mind gets distracted now and then. Observe and acknowldge the distractions and let them go. Bring back your focus to your visualization.

Step 2: Hold this image in your mind for several minutes. Feel that you have already achieved your goal. Imagine yourself rejoicing at your own accomplishment.

Step 3: When you are trough with the image, let it float above to a field of white light, surrounded by the 4 reiki symbols. Accept the idea that your goal has already been achieved. Feel the sensation of fulfillment. Believe it to be true.

Repeat this process for all of your goals and projects.

Reiki Power Meditation

This meditation combines the power of transcendental meditation with the healing energies of reiki.

This meditation can induce physical relaxation, mental clarity, clairvoyance and consciousness expansion. You can also use it to solve problems, achieve goals and improve all areas of your life.

You can do this meditation any time of the day, whenever you have time (though for better results you should stick to a schedule).

Step 1: Sit comfortably in a quiet place. Place your hand on your thighs. Close your eyes and take three long, slow and deep breaths. Visualize a pure white light entering through your nose while breathing in, and breathe out debris and other toxic elements through your mouth.

Step 2: Keep your eyes closed. Draw Reiki master symbol in front with your hand. Chant the name of the master symbol three times while drawing.

Step 3: Keep visualizing the image for about 7 – 10 minutes. Next, imagine the symbol moving up into a filed of white light above you. Afer the symbol has moved up, bring back your focus to the front of your eyes.

Repeat steps 1 – 3 for the remaining 3 reiki symbols.

After completion of meditating with all the symbols, you are now ready for the next step – which is, to visualize and send reiki to your challanges and goals….

Manifesting your goals with reiki meditation

What are the reiki attunements

Just like you have to tune into a frequency to receive a radio or tv channel, reiki attunements are a way of tuning into the channel of reiki energy.

It is believed that reiki energy is there all around us, but you can access this energy only after you are attuned to receive it.

Reiki attunements allows you to become a reiki practitioner.

Attunement process involves opening up the chakras in you, so that you become a ‘channel’ to receive and transmit reiki.

Reiki attunements are carried out by a reiki master/teacher who himself/herself has already received attunements from another reiki master/teacher.

The attunement process is a kind of ceremony.

The master/teacher invokes certain reiki symbols and draws these symbols on the aura of the recepient in a certain way.

Once drawn, these symbols remain on the aura of the receiver forever, making the receiver a ‘channel’ of reiki energy for entire lifetime.

There are three levels of attunements – Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III.

The names of the levels are arbitrary as there are no such levels in reality. These levels can be called by different names. These levels are created to prepare the student ‘gradually’ for the ultimate ‘mastership’ of reiki.

Combining Reiki with Massage Therapy

I am sure that all of you have experieced the sense of relaxation, comfort and mobility of your joints after having a good massage. Often we ourself massage an area of our body, that is causing us discomfort.

Reiki and massage are two different healing modalities, both in intention and in practice.

Reiki is a spiritual healing system. Reiki is intended to affect the energy fields or ‘auras’ around the human body.

Massage therapy deals with only physical healing. It is more of a ‘manipulative system’ for the physical body and is not directed at the auras.

There is nothing like a good massage or a good Reiki healing session, and now it’s even possible to receive both at the same time! More and more massage therapists are practicing Reiki these days—and for good reason. Both are very therapeutic in their own way.

Massage therapy helps relax the muscles through the manipulation of soft tissue. Everyone who’s ever had a good massage knows how wonderful and relaxing they feel. Not just during the massage session itself, but afterwards as well.

Reiki, of course, means “universal life force energy.” Reiki can only be passed down from a R master to student. While massage therapists attend school to study massage therapy, a Reiki student must become “attuned” by a Master healer.

Some massage therapy schools are now bringing in Reiki teachers to attune the students to those methods now, as the demand for massage therapy and Reiki both is increasing everyday.

It’s wonderful enough to feel the benefits of each, let alone both. Having your massage therapist use Reiki on you will help you to heal mind, body, and soul.

Reiki channels “life force” energy from the Universe. It’s believed that if the body’s life force is out of balance, then a person can experience tiredness and illness.

Reiki will help “heal” the body’s energy so that the person can feel better. A Reiki practitioner will act as a conduit for the universal life energy and will transfer it to the patient, thus “healing” them.

Massage therapists and Reiki practitioners both must learn certain hand placements. Hand placement is very important when giving patients therapy sessions.

A massage therapist who practices Reiki can transfer good energy into the patient during the massage. They can also trace important Reiki symbols over the body with their hands while giving a massage. This will increase the patient’s chance to feel both relaxation and healing.

Of course there are some who don’t believe in the benefits of Reiki, and consider it nothing more than the “placebo effect.”

Because of this, there is a lot of controversy as to whether it should be taught in massage therapy schools or not. But many patients enjoy receiving Reiki in addition to their massages, so some schools are finding it to be their best interests to teach the students Reiki.

Reiki practitioners who don’t have any formal massage therapy training can still try giving their friends, loved ones, and pets massages.

Placing the hands on the body and allowing universal life energy to come through can really help those who are in need of healing and relaxation. Receiving both a massage and Reiki is a truly enjoyable, wonderful experience.

The Three Doshas (three humors) in Human Body

Doshas are the manifestations of the elemental forces in human body. Ayurveda says that there are three kinds of Doshas (Tridosha) – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and the imbalance(Vikruti) of these Doshas (or Dosas) is the root cause of most of our physical and mental problems.

Dominance of a Dosha determines body type or “Prakriti” of an individual.

  • Vata type: Vata is identified with “Marut” or air and “Byoma” or space, thus maintaining mobility.
  • Pitta type: Pitta is identified with “Agni” or fire and controls digestion and assimilation.
  • Kapha type: Kapha is identified with “Apa” or water and “Kshiti” or earth and maintain formation or body structure.
    Characteristics of Vata type people:

  • They are generally thin in structure.
  • They perform any activity quickly.
  • They have irregular hunger and digestion.
  • They can grasp any information quickly and quickly forget them.
  • They have tendency toward constipation.
  • They have light and interrupted sleep and generally suffer from insomnia.
  • Their moods change frequently.
  • They become tired easily.
  • Their mental and physical energy comes in bursts.

Common physical ailments: Vata types are prone to insomnia, chronic constipation, anxiety and depression, muscular spasm, chronic pain, high blood pressure and arthrarhitis.

    Characteristics of Pitta type people:

  • They are generally medium built.
  • They have medium strength and endurance.
  • They have sharp intelligence.
  • They have sharp hunger and thirst, strong digestive capacity.
  • They easily become irritated and angry under stress.
  • They have aversion to sun and hot weather.
  • They have precise, articulate speech.
  • They cannot skip meals.

Common physical ailments: Pitta type is prone to rashes, acne, heartburns, ulcers, premature balding, poor eyesight and premature gray hair.

    Characteristics of Kapha type people:

  • They are generally solid; powerfully build with great physical strength and endurance.
  • They have steady energy, slow and graceful in action.
  • They are slow to anger.
  • They have good memory.
  • They are affectionate, tolerant and forgiving.
  • They have slow digestion and mild hunger.
  • They are generally possessive and complacent.

Common physical ailments: Kapha type is prone to obesity, congested sinuses, chest colds, painful joints, asthma, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Angelic Reiki

Archangel St. Michael is said to be the founder of this system of reiki. Angelic reiki symbols are same as usui reiki symbols.

Angels are considered as beings of a higher vibration. It is believed that when our consciousness is raised to a higher vibration we can see and contact angels. Proponents of this reiki claim that channeling and practising angelic reiki creates balance in our body, mind and spirit and raises our consciousness to a higher vibration.

Archangelic Reiki

Vincent Amador developed this system of reiki. Archangelic reiki is not different from original Reiki or Seichim in essence – it is only a different approach to working with orginal reiki energy. Archangelic reiki allows one to interact and work directly with various Archangels.

Archangels are superior forms of angels. It is said that Archangelic reiki raises consciousness to a higher vibration like angelic reiki. The number of existing Archangels is said to be about 12, though there are disputes about this number amongst various schools of healing. One can learn this system of reiki only after completing a full master level training in Usui Reiki.

Brahma Satya Reiki

Channelled by Deepak Hardikar on 7th Ausgust 1997, brahma satya reiki is claimed by its founder to be the brahma satya of reiki, and more powerful than the original one.

Brahma satya reiki involves setting up a spontaneous energy emiting cell in our astral body. The cell is self propagating and emitting energy continuously. This energy emission is an eternal process and it transcends all time and space barriers. This particular energy removes all toxins and blockages, thus healing and curing all physical, mental and spiritual problems.

The symbols used in brahma satya reiki are mainly Karuna reiki symbols with some Devanagari letters thrown in.